A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

WARNING My very first game ever it will be bad

plz leave feedback on how i can improve the game, i'm constantly doing my best to fix problems and add more to the game, 

Known bugs

PLZ report if you notice one

Beta 2!!!.2

Made The kill box into a prefab for more consistance between the levels

fixed level 3 deaths

fixed kill box placement in 1st p levels

made a for now info screen

Planned for beta 2 or later

ultimate 1st person (same rotation as the ball)

add level 6-9

add a 2nd level menu for level for level 7-12

add working buttons for level 7-9

add non working buttons for level 10-12

Textures/more details

Mini map

Change the death box to some kind of terrain

Beta 2!!!.1

Seperated high scores for each level (was dumb and had the same name for all player prefs)

Beta 2!!!

HighScore now works

End meny shows you your score

new end and pause menu

new levels 1-5

replay button on all levels

boost if you press space and is on ground (still gives you the boost if you hold down space and leave the ground)

Beta 1!!!.1

Fixed the end teleported on all levels

made next level button work again

made the last level loop into the 1st level of the other mode

made level 3 not aceceble in any way (ether by the button or next level buttons)

Beta 1!!!

New Movement



Level 5

all new sprites for most things

fixed the need to press esc before playing bug

Removed Level 3 (will add new one later)

made the camera tilt in 3rd person

changed the .exe file name to be correct

Fixes in 4.1

fixed level 4

some minour changes tbh i don't remember made this one week ago and then got a little lazy and then sick

Eazy firstperson mode (will add manual camera movement later)


Timer on every level (local leaderboard cooming soon)

a real pause menu

respawning now removes all movement

some UI fixes

Fixes in 3.4

level 2 teleporter to level 3 now works again

now got a version for windows (didn't know i needed to have seperated builds before)

Fixes in 3.3

made info button work

finnished level 4

added buttons for level 5 and 6 that do not work

added credit and information in the info menu

redesigned level menu

Fixes in 3.2

made buttons work again

added a button for info, it opens up a empty menu right now so do not click it

sadly forgot to save older patch notes.


Windowns Beta 2.2 21 MB
Mac Beta 2.2 21 MB


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