A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

WARNING My very first game ever it will be bad

plz leave feedback on how i can improve the game, i'm constantly doing my best to fix problems and add more to the game, 

Known bugs


Fixes in 4.1

fixed level 4

some minour changes tbh i don't remember made this one week ago and then got a little lazy and then sick

Eazy firstperson mode (will add manual camera movement later)

Planned for v5 or later

ultimate 1st person (same rotation as the ball)

a local leader board

add level 5-9

add a 2nd level menu for level for level 7-12

add working buttons for level 7-9

add non working buttons for level 10-12

Textures/more details

Mini map

Change the death box to some kind of terrain

Making the camera tilt a little backwards

 making it able to rotate the camera


Timer on every level (local leaderboard cooming soon)

a real pause menu

respawning now removes all movement

some UI fixes

Fixes in 3.4

level 2 teleporter to level 3 now works again

now got a version for windows (didn't know i needed to have seperated builds before)

Fixes in 3.3

made info button work

finnished level 4

added buttons for level 5 and 6 that do not work

added credit and information in the info menu

redesigned level menu

Fixes in 3.2

made buttons work again

added a button for info, it opens up a empty menu right now so do not click it


RageBall AlphaV4.1.mac 21 MB
RageBall Alphav4.1.win 21 MB


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by swesim · 1 post
by swesim · 1 post
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